Our story, our effort, our success

Ekom Ltd. is a production company engaged in the processing of plastic materials, which through injection molding results in a wide range of products for the furniture industry, footwear, food, chemical and electrical equipment industry and a section of agriculture as well.

Ekom Ltd. has grown from a family craft workshop which was created in the early seventies. Today we have over 40 years of experience in the fields of plastics processing and manufacturing of high quality products, the majority consisting of technical plastic and metal products for furniture (approx. 100 products) and products for footwear shape keeping (approx. 10 products).

By constantly perfecting our skills and technologies in plastics processing, we have become a reliable and important partner to our clients. Reasons why our clients buy our products are: a high quality product, favorable prices with a suitable discounts scale, delivery time, modern design of products, after-sales service.